Dual Yellow laser treating vitiligo

Dr Revathi, based in Salem, India is conducting ground breaking research in treatment of vitiligo with the Dual Yellow laser. Vitiligo is an acquired pigmentary disorder of unknown etiology, clinically characterised by the development of white macules related to the selective loss of melanocytes with high psychosociological impact. Although the cause of vitiligo is unknown, there is moderate evidence of neurohumoral cytotoxic theories. The early results are promising, with a patient cohort of approximately 40 patients. Re-pigmentation is being observed after the 2nd treatment in some cases. Early results are very encouraging however more research needs to be undertaken to identify the exact mechanism of action. Norseld will update information as it becomes available. For more information: Dr Revathi Hospital 12, Vidyalaya road,Near Ramakrishna park, Salem, Tamil Nadu, 636007 India WWW.Drrevathihospital.com IMG_1574-2     IMG_1569-2