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The Powerful, Fast and Advanced Dual Yellow Laser,

with solid state electronics, is a proven choice for physicians around the world.

Dual Yellow Laser Features Features
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Dual Yellow Laser FEM Technology FEM® Technology
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Features Dual Yellow Laser

The most versatile laser platform on the market

578nm wavelength perfectly matches the absorption peak of both haemoglobin and proto porphyrin9

Safely treats all skin types, including Fitzpatrick type IV, V and VI

Wide variety of treatment spot size

Dual Yellow Laser body and stand

FEM® Technology: combination of the perfect wavelength, the perfect penetration depth and the perfect power density

Painless and gentle procedure with no down time

Multiple pre-programmed settings and user programmable buttons

  • Contact ScannerContact Scanner10.0 mm and 5.0 mm options
  • Non contact handpiece 0.6mmNon contact handpiece 0.6mm
  • Contact handpiece 5.0mmContact handpiece 5.0mm
  • Contact handpiece  1.0mmContact handpiece 1.0mm


  • The range of handpieces offer ease of operation and consistent outcomes for the patient.
  • Single optic fibre delivery with 6 spot size choices ranging from 0.6mm up to 10 mm.
  • Delivery devices are all light weight and easy to manipulate, reducing operator fatigue.


Using the wavelengths 578nm and 511nm, the Dual Yellow laser allows 4 different settings:

578nm – Yellow

The 578 nm yellow wavelength targets vascular lesions, matching the absorption of haemoglobin exactly.

578nm wavelength from Dual Yellow Laser targets vascular lesions
511 – Green

The 511 nm green wavelength targets pigmented lesions, ideally absorbed by melanin contained within melanocytes.

511nm wavelength Dual Yellow Laser targets pigmented lesions

The Y10G wavelength is a special combination of 578 nm and 511 nm which is necessary when treating Melasma and Lentigines.

Y10G unique combination Dual Yellow Laser

The G30Y wavelength is a special combination of 511 nm and 578 nm that produces over 2000 W/cm2 to ablate tissue but is bloodless in action. This combination is used to treat bulky lesions such as seborrhoeic keratosis.

G30Y unique combination Dual Yellow Laser
Dual Yellow Laser front cover

FEM® Technology

The FEM® technology, uniquely available on the Dual Yellow laser; gives long-term results and avoids collateral damage, pain and other side effects.

FEM® stands for Fast Edge Micropulse. The real power of FEM® is the steeply rising pulse of yellow light, and then rapid decrease, delivering 3kW of peak power exactly where it is needed.

The Norseld Dual Yellow laser is the only laser on the market able to produce 22,000 micropulses per second and create a photochemical reaction in the dermis treating Melasma, Skin rejuvenation and Acne.

FEM® Technology works in 3 key areas: Penetration Depth, Collateral Damage, Treatment Efficacy

Penetration Depth
This is vital to deliver the right amount of energy without causing collateral damage to the surrounding tissue.

Collateral Damage
Dual Yellow laser delivers 22,000 nanosecond pulses per second and is able to change the cell structure, necrose vessels and suppress VEGF without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue.

Treatment Efficacy
By combining high peak power (3kw) and a train of nanosecond pulses, the Dual Yellow Laser provides the best treatment platform for both user and patient.

User Interface

The Dual Yellow laser is equipped with an intuitive and interactive user interface.

  • Responsive touchscreen LCD allows intuitive and user-friendly operation
  • Easy access to all main functions
  • More than 120 pre-programmed settings: simply choose your treatment type, skin colour, handpiece
  • Easy change of wavelength, fluence adjustment and option to set up user programmable buttons gives a total customizable treatment parameters

Optiview Light

The Optiview system uses the latest white light LED technology and polarisation filters to produce the clearest view of sub-surface lesions.

The High power LED with cool white light (approx. 6500K) is now with integrated polarising filter, which can be rotated to reduce reflections of the skin. Polarisation stops surface reflections and aids in the view of sub-surface lesions in particular vascular lesions.


Overall height

: 1.6m

Base diameter

: 185mm

Power supply

: 12V plug pack 100-240 V AC – 50-60Hz

Plug pack has 4 clip on adapters : EU – USA – UK – AUS

The spot size at 0.4m distance is approximately 130mm

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