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Norseld’s expertise in optics and coatings can be applied in various domains such as Defence, Aerospace and Healthcare.


We offer a large range of optical coating for military and defence industry. Norseld can custom design solutions for optical systems where the protection from high velocity airborne particles, seawater, engine fuel and oil, high humidity etc is necessary.
We have the ability to meet and even exceed ‘milspec’ specifications. We work closely with the defence ‘Primes’ in order to provide a range of advanced solutions to support defence operations on land, sea, and air.

Norseld is ITAR compliant, a member of the DISP program, and able to accommodate the fabrication of small and large optical systems for your specific needs in the IR, visible and UV spectrums. If you have a need for a potential application please contact us.

Applications include:

Night vision Goggles

Missile Laser Guides

Infrared/Thermal Imaging

Heads Up Displays


The acceleration of R&D projects to explore outside our atmosphere is unprecedented. At Norseld, we can design, coat and deliver technically challenging coatings suitable for harsh space conditions.

In partnership with Defence SA we are participating in the South Australian Space Capability Directory. This directory provides key information on the South Australian space community highlighting the range of expertise, know-how, capabilities and technological infrastructure available state-wide. This includes downstream space-enabled services in the fields of Satellite Communications, Earth Observation, positioning, navigation and timing.

Applications include:

Telescope Mirrors

Photographic Systems

Pressure Sensors


In the field of medical technology, new methods are constantly being researched to ensure better prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Due to its superior tribological and mechanical properties with corrosion resistance, bio-compatibility and hemocompatibility, diamond-like carbon (DLC) has emerged as a promising material for biomedical applications. Our CoolDiamond DLC® coating technology opens up new possibilities in the life science and healthcare industries.

Amorphous Diamond offers manufacturers of medical devices and equipment the benefits of bio-compatibility, chemical inertness and hermetic barrier. Applications include implantable joints, catheters, surgical implants and medical instrumentation.

Applications include:

Stainless Stents

Orthopaedic Components

Hip and Knee Joints

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