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Norseld offers tailored, quality and unique solutions to effectively meet your optical needs.

Optical Manufacturing

Norseld’s precision optical manufacturing production has evolved into one of the most comprehensive facilities in Australia. We deliver precision optical components and systems with high levels of technical complexity and specialised performance requirements to a wide range of industries.

Based on a design, supplied by the customer or one of our own in-house designs, we have the ability to produce a full range of optical components including lenses, prisms, windows, laser optics and mirrors in a diverse range of visible and infrared materials.

Our team is capable of handling prototype runs through to full production runs. In conjunction with our single point diamond turning and optical thin films capabilities, we are one of Australia’s most advanced optical manufacturing centres.

Technical capabilities and specifications

Prisms and flats size5 – 350 mm
Prisms and flats size1 arc sec.
Surface Quality10/5 Scratch/dig
Flatnessup to λ/20 at 632.8nm
Lenses and Windowssize 5-300mm
Materialsvisible & I.R.

Diamond Turning

Norseld’s single point diamond turning (DT) facility features 1 x Precitech Nanoform 250 Ultra and 1 x Precitech X diamond turning machines, located in their own temperature controlled environment with dedicated metrology capability.

DT technology is capable of generating complex optical surfaces on a wide range of infrared and non-ferrous materials. Diamond Turnings precision is utilized for the manufacture of complex optical surfaces such as on and off axis aspheric, diffractive lenses, lens arrays, along with free-form optical geometries.

Diamond turning is a manufacturing method suitable for aspheric, diffractive and freeform components (on and off axis).

Optical Polishing

Optical polishing is used to produce high quality glass surfaces by removing the damaged layer, improving and smoothening the final surface. The polishing process is crucial to meet the flatness, thickness, or finish specifications of high-precision optical systems.

The process and techniques used need to be customized for each project. The better the surface finishing technique used, the better will be the optical properties of the prepared material.

Polishing techniques we use:

  • Bowl feed polishing
  • Bonnet polishing
  • Pitch polishing
  • Ion beam polishing
  • Plasma assisted polishing

Optical Coatings

Our coating equipment has been tailored to provide an optical coating capability that covers a large range of dielectric, metal-dielectric and metal designs.

Our chambers are cryo-pumped systems with 4 pocket e-beam evaporation sources. The coating chambers have been set up with state of the art optical monitoring and ion beam assistance technology to ensure the production of an extensive range of precision coatings of the highest quality.

Standard Coatings
Cool Diamond DLC

Using both electron beam evaporation and ion beam sputtering deposition processes, in a clean room environment, Norseld has developed one of the most sophisticated thin film coating environments in Australia.

We specialise in wavelengths ranging from UV and visible to far infrared (IR) on substrates including glass, crystal, fibre optics and metals to achieve desired performance and unit cost outcomes.

Our standard coatings include:

  • Anti-reflection coatings
  • Beamsplitters
  • Dichroic Filters
  • Shortwave Pass Filters
  • Longwave Pass Filters
  • Heat Control Coatings
  • Attenuation Filters
  • Multi-cavity Interference Filters
  • Induced Transmission Filters
  • Transparent Conductive coatings
  • High Damage Threshold Laser mirrors
  • Protected Metal coatings

Optical Assembly
and Testing

Norseld excels in optical solutions, boasting meticulous assembly in controlled environments and advanced metrology for unrivaled quality assurance.

Optical Assembly

The assembly areas have Laminar Flow cabinets in a temperature and humidity controlled general assembly room.

Optical Testing

Our fully equipped metrology facility utilises a wide range of precision test capabilities to ensure the final quality.

Zygo interferometers are available for a range of surface analysis as well as radius of curvature measurements. The facility also has visible and infrared collimators, optical benches, associated test fixtures and specialised image intensifier test and evaluation equipment.

A Zygo non-contact Profilometer is used for surface roughness measurements, Photometric measurement and calibration services.

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