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Embrace a Spectrum of Optical Manufacturing Technologies at Our State-of-the-Art Facility.

Manufacturing / Equipment

At Norseld Photonics, our commitment to excellence is matched only by our dedication to staying at the forefront of optical manufacturing technologies. Step into our cutting-edge facility, where a symphony of innovation awaits, fueled by an impressive array of advanced machinery and expertise.

Our manufacturing facility utilizes a wide range of different optical manufacturing technologies.

Conventional Polishing Machines
High-Speed Polishing Machines
5-Axis CNC Grinding Machines
5-Axis CNC Polishing Machines
Conventional Grinding Machines
Multi-Axis UPL Diamond Turning Machines
QED MRF Machines for Fine Finishing
Coring Machines
Centering Machines
Slicing Machines
High-Precision Diamond Saws
Beveling Machines
Coating Chambers (E-Beam, IBS, IAD, APS, and Morem list)

Laser and optical
system design

Norseld has comprehensive proficiency across optical, mechanical, and electronic fields for:

Advanced optical and illumination design
Laser engineering (solid state and diode)
Opto-mechanical design and drafting
Atmospheric propagation modelling
Infrared imaging systems design and performance modelling


This capability is routinely applied to:

Long range, naval, thermal imagers and rangefinders
Diode-pumped Q-switched lasers
Telescope design for transmitters and receivers
Target detection, designation and illumination
Day/night aiming devices
Laser 3D profiling
Sensor performance prediction
Designs for operation in harsh environments
Laser classification and safety analysis

Software tools

Our optical design and performance analysis are performed in close conjunction with electronic and mechanical performance analysis using a variety of commercial CAD software and proprietary software models.

Complex coating service

Discover the art of precision coating with Norseld! We tackle the toughest optical challenges, from crafting high-performance BAR coatings for cutting-edge telescopes to engineering specialized filters that withstand extreme temperatures.

Our expertise extends to dichroic mirrors, beamsplitters, and more, ensuring your project’s success.

BAR coatings

BAR coatings for the 10x gratings used in the AAOmega Spectrograph (see website and BAR coatings for the large lenses used in the red and blue camera arms of the Skymapper surveying telescope to be based at Siding Springs (see website

Bandpass filter

Bandpass filter to

Block the UV to 1350nm, transmit 1350-1950nm (SW1 range) and block all other wavelengths from the 1950 to 6000nm
Block the visible to 20000nm, transmit 2000-2450nm (SW2 wavelength range) and block all other wavelengths from the 2450 to 6000nm. Both these filter sets had to be capable of being temperature cycled from room temperature to liquid nitrogen temperatures. (for Integrated Spectronics, Sydney).

Green dichroic beamsplitter

Green dichroic beamsplitter for Hermes spectrograph and approx. ¾ of the collimator lenses for the same project. Some of these lenses were over 20kg in weight each (before cementing).

large dichroic mirror

A large dichroic mirror (with BAR on second side) for the AAOmega spectrograph. This is an alternative red dichroic for the system (the original dichroic was centered for the green and was coated at CSIRO) The red dichroic is essentially an edge filter to reflect (Rx>99%) 430-650nm and transmit (Tx >98%) 690-950nm at 27degrees.


Beamsplitter to transmit >70% from 470-2500nm and reflect >70% from 8000-12000nm on silica, all at 45 angle of incidence ( for Integrated Spectronics, Sydney ).

For a tailored, cost effective response to your optical project needs, talk to Norseld.

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