Norseld Acquires BAES Photonics Business

Norseld is excited to announce the acquisition of the BAES photonics business on 11 August 2023. This capability will bring expertise and staff in areas such as complex optical coatings, single point diamond turning and optics polishing and grinding. BAES photonics already support many defence platforms and this new capability will strengthen Norselds ability to deliver into all defence domains including space. In divesting the BAES photonics business they said :

“BAE Systems Australia has completed its strategic divestment of its photonics business to Adelaide based SME Norseld Pty Ltd. The transaction was completed 11 August 2023 with Norseld taking over  contracts on key defence capability platforms.  Ben Hudson, CEO BAE Systems Australia said “The divestment of our photonics business was carefully  considered and will allow BAESA to focus on key markets and programs aligned with our customer’s  priority and needs. We believe Norseld is a great company to take the Photonics business into the future  strengthened by their continuous culture of technology and innovation. Norseld are on our Approved  Supplier List and we look forward to our continuing relationship with them to support capability and AIC  outcomes.”

Peter Shute, CEO Norseld commented “we are very excited with this opportunity to grow and develop the Photonics business both domestically and internationally and have some great opportunities ahead of us.  The team cultures are a great fit, and we are looking forward to integrating the BAE Systems Photonics  business into Norseld”.

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